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Story round. Friendship. Romania-Bulgaria. Poveste in lant. Prietenie. Poveste inceputa de clasa a IV-a B, prof. Raluca Raileanu din Romania si terminata de Group Pchelitsa – 6 years old, teacher: Tsetska Ilieva

There was once a boy named Thomas. He was rich, he had everything he wanted to, but he felt the absence of his parents. They were gone with business and he was left in the care of his nanny. He felt so lonely. He was 10. The relationship with his schoolmates was not too good. No one could understand him and therefore he felt worse and worse.
Until one day when, returning from school, he saw a lost and hungry puppy on his way. Thomas played with it all day. His schoolmates wanted to leave the poor dog on the streets but Thomas didn’t want to leave it alone. He went home into his room and there he cried for the miserable dog…

…At this moment his parents came back from work and saw him crying
They asked him why he was crying. Thomas told them everything – about the little dog, about the relations with his classmates and that he felt sad and lonely every day. The parents listened to him carefully and tried to cheer him up. After that dad went out on the street looking for the little dog. He found it and brought it home. When the boy saw the dog, he smiled and began to jump for joy. Thomas’ parents were happy too. They understood how much Thomas had missed them and decided to spend time with him every day.
They went for walks together, to the pastry shop, they laughed together, played together and talked to each other more. Very fast they became a happy family. Thomas could not stop smiling and showing how much he loved his parents and his four-legged friend, which they named Spotty.
The children of Preparatory for school

Group Pchelitsa – 6 years old, teacher: Tsetska Ilieva

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